#fakenews is not new. But machine intelligence can make it a thing of the past.

The Problem

Bias, "alternative" facts and ignorance are out there. Some of it is easy to spot, but some hides behind the very words people use. Even the authors themselves may not be aware of the subconcious choices they have made when they write a piece.

Unfaked is here to help

Machines are getting smarter and smarter. Creative pioneers are building all kinds of amazing things out there - from self driving cars to face recognition software.

Unfaked is a machine intelligence tool that will be able to process news media and report to you, the intelligent reader, the quality of the text you are reading.

Through constant learning, Unfaked will be able to let you know what hidden bias the article you are reading has.

The Method

The machine intelligence behind Unfaked is constantly learning. It reads the text, analyses reputation of the publisher and author and ranks the content against other publications'.

Unfaked will be releasing a series of tools for intelligent consumers of news, to help them and empower them to fight back against the constant stream of falsehoods.


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